Aida Diallo, MSW, LSW

Clinical Therapist

My name is Aida Diallo and I am a licensed master Social Worker with seven years of experience in the mental health field. I am a graduate of the city college of New York with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, and a master's degree in Social Work from New York University.

My goal as a therapist is to create a safe space where you can process and be supported and empowered while becoming the best version of yourself. My experience in the mental health field is comprised of advocating for children placed in the foster care system, providing clinical services to chronically homeless individuals, managing a department serving new immigrants diagnosed with chronic medical conditions, and offering outpatient psychotherapy services to adolescents, young adults, adults, and families.

On a personal note, I immigrated from Senegal as a teenager and grew up in New York city. I experienced first-hand how major life changes, acculturation, learning a new language, leaving friends and family behind, puberty, and overall life adjustments can become stressors without adequate adaptable coping skills. These personal experiences continue to shape me and influence me to create a space where people's concerns are processed and ways to manage stressors are explored.

My therapeutic techniques are essentially comprised of cognitive behavioral therapy and solution-focused therapy, which support a client in processing and managing symptoms. With these techniques, client's participation is paramount. Self-exploration, curiosity, participation, cooperation, self-determination, practice, research, open-mindedness, and commitment are key factors to making therapy successful. I am hopeful that in establishing a great therapeutic relationship with you these factors can be taken into consideration. I look forward to meeting and to supporting you in your journey!

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