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Child, Adolescent, and Adult Counseling

Individual Therapy

Individual counseling allows you to take time for yourself to work through the issues and situations that affect you. It can be overwhelming dealing with stress, personal relationships, work, family, grief, and finances on your own. Working with a therapist will improve how you handle your emotions and reactions, will help you learn effective coping skills, and will help to reframe difficult situations. Each one-on-one session is an opportunity to grow and be heard.

NOTE: Some insurance providers do not cover the cost of couples therapy; if your provider does not offer coverage, you will be required to private-pay for your couples therapy sessions. When completing our online Intake Form, please note that you are requesting couples counseling.


Family Therapy

Every family is unique with differing circumstances, responsibilities, and needs. We recognize those differences and can work with your family in a way that helps all involved. We can work with parents in sessions separately from children, or we can hold sessions with just the children in the family. For parents, we focus on parenting issues, behavior management, boundaries, and shared parenting issues. For children, we focus on emotions and reactions, self-confidence, depression, fear, stress, and anxiety issues. We can help your family find solutions to difficult situations and help all members understand the dynamics operating within the family. Family therapy can help make families stronger and healthier. Let us help you!

Couples Therapy

Relationships are difficult. They require good communication, time, energy, and love. Many couples come to a point where they need someone outside of their relationship to help them work through an issue or situation.  Let us help you and your spouse/partner improve the dynamics of your relationship. We work equally with both of you, helping you to communicate effectively and find resolutions in a safe place. Together, we can discover new ways to resolve problems and issues.

If you are interested making an appointment for individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, or tele-therapy, please complete our intake forms to start the client intake process.

Tele-Therapy (Web-Based Therapy)

Tele-therapy is private video conferencing using a webcam and an internet connection that is safe, secure, and HIPPA compliant. It is easy to use and convenient for clients who are unable to make in-person sessions. Tele-therapy allows you to see your therapist from the privacy of your own home. Most of our therapists can conduct tele-therapy sessions and it can be a good alternative to cancelling because of vacation, illness, childcare issues, or weather.