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Child, Adolescent, and Adult Counseling

Group Therapy

Group therapy is fun!  Group therapy is a time to come together with other adults and discuss a similar issue and together learn new ways to cope with the issues.  Group therapy builds you a stronger support system, you can make friends and learn from others who are exactly where you currently are.  Take the step towards the right direction and join a group today!

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is an opportunity for you to take “time” for yourself. Struggling with stress, relationships, work, family, grief, finances, all of these issues can be overwhelming.  You therapist will help you take the time to process, explore, feel and resolve all sorts of issues.  The goal being to improve your emotional state, learn new coping skills, help you re-frame difficult situations and to gain a deeper level of insight into unconscious issues.  Your sessions is an opportunity for you to grow, learn and relax.

Couple Counseling

Relationships are difficult.  Relationships require good communication, time, energy and love.  Every couple comes to a point in their relationship where they need someone to help them work through an issue with them.   Let our clinical staff help you.  We will work with both of you equally, helping you to effectively communicate with one another and make it a safe place.  Together we will discover new ways to deal with problem issues.  

Family Counseling

Family counseling can consist of different people, different times and in different ways. Every family is unique and has their own special circumstances and needs.  Our clinical staff will work with you and your loved ones in a way that accommodates your needs.  We can work with parents away from kids, or primarily work with the kids.  We can focus on parenting issues, behavior management, boundaries, or shared parenting issues.  We can help your child deal with issues that they may be struggling with while helping you learn the best way to support them through their process.  Together, family therapy can help make families stronger and healthier.  Let us help you!


What is Tele-Therapy? Tele-Therapy is counseling through the internet.  We say “think Skype” but safer, more secure and HIPPA-compliant.  It is private video conferencing using a webcam connection. It is easy to use, convenient and accessible.  

If you’re a busy and getting to our office is an issue, tele-therapy sessions can save you travel time, give you greater convenience in scheduling and allow you to “see” your therapist from the privacy of your own home, office or any other location where you have your computer.  Most clients use Tele-Therapy to avoid cancelling sessions due to vacations, illness, childcare issues and weather. 

We do require that your first session is face to face with your therapist.  This first session is considered your “Assessment” and needs to be in your therapist’s office.  . Please let us know if you would like to have this service reimbursed by your insurance company and we will provide the information you will need.

Couples Counseling in Westerville, OH

Whether you are struggling with a sudden increase in stress or depression as a result of a recent personal loss or have battled a mood disorders throughout your entire life, our staff truly understands the importance of supporting you in your journey to deal with such concerns.  Our goal is to assist you in addressing personal issues in order to gain serenity and well-being.  

Our clinical therapists are experienced across a wide variety of treatment methods designed to focus on your specific mental health needs. Our therapists understand no two mental health disorders are the exact same and provide personal treatment plans aimed at accurately treating your specific needs. Our staff are especially trained in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Dialectal Behavioral Therapy and Client-Centered, Strength-Based approaches to treatment.

Serenity BHS provides both Individual, Couple and Family Counseling services.  Our services are available in our Westerville location or via the internet utilizing our “E-Therapy” services.  We maintain a flexible schedule in order to meet the needs of our clients.  

Group therapy is offered as a 6 week group for about 3-6 individuals per group. Groups are often helpful for people struggling with depression, anger, divorce, grief and parenting issues.  Please check out our group listings for more information.

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