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Child, Adolescent, and Adult Counseling
Lauren Strawn MSW, LSW

Clinical Therapist

I am a licensed clinical therapist providing mental health treatment to individuals and couples struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma and other mood disorders. I am committed to providing you the treatment and support you need to begin to feel better and learn to thrive.
As a therapist, I embrace diversity and specialize in working with LGBTQAI individuals. I am also a certified yoga teacher and was a co-founder of Columbus’ first and only queer and trans-focused weekly yoga group, Queer Yoga, which is in it’s tenth year.
I specialize in cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and strengths-based methods. My goal is to help my clients learn how to resolve underlying issues, learn new coping skills and build resilience to last a lifetime.
I am committed to providing the best treatment and support to you and will be honored to assist you on your journey to wellness.